What is the Right Amount to Tip a Tattoo Artist?

Most people get tattoos to make a memory, such as to remember a special event. The process of getting a tattoo is a little painful, but the person making the tattoo has to deal with a wide variety of clients. Tattoo artists face a variety of situations, some easy, and some difficult. You leave the tattoo studio with a smile on your face because they do their best. Isn’t it appropriate to tip that tattoo artist at the end of the day? When tipping a tattoo artist, you might wonder how much to give.
There is no limit to how much you can tip. The minimum tip amount, however, should be about 20% of the tattoo cost.

A Tattoo Artist’s Tip: How Much Should You Give?

It is common for people to think about tipping the tattoo artist when they are getting tattooed. In the end, you don’t tip anything. Tattoo artists work hard to create the perfect tattoo for your body parts. They deserve some extra appreciation, don’t you think?

You paid for the tattoo, but tipping will only make the tattoo artist feel better and more appreciated. The tip for a tattoo artist should be 20% of the total amount you pay for the tattoo service. There’s no need to worry about making a hole in your wallet; you can afford it much easier.

Tattoo Artists: 3 Reasons To Tip

  • Building A Solid Bond
    Don’t you think it would be better for you to build a bond with your tattoo artist if you are a tattoo lover who knows you will not stop after your first tattoo? By tipping your tattoo artist and keeping them happy, the artist will understand what type of ink you would like.
  • Be Courteous
    Visiting a restaurant or salon, you tip them out of courtesy rather than just to be nice to them; tattoo artists do the same. Don’t forget to tip them as a gesture of courtesy.
  • There Is A Lot Of Effort Put Into It.
    It won’t be easy to make a tattoo, but tattoo artists put a lot of effort into making one so you don’t get angry or sad.

The 3 Best Ways To Show Appreciation If You Don’t Want To Tip

While getting a tattoo, you might think about how much to tip your tattoo artist, but there are other ways to appreciate them. You can do that in the following ways:

  • Share pictures online and tag the artist
    In addition to tipping the tattoo artist, you can appreciate their work by posting a picture of the tattoo only, and if the studio is on social media, you can tag them. As a gesture of appreciation, this would be appropriate.
  • Don’t forget to refer your friends
    Referring friends to that tattoo artist and telling them about your experience with them will make them excited about getting a tattoo from them.
  • Intricate Custom Design Tip
    You should pay more than 20% of the tip if you are getting an intricate design that requires extra focus and hard work. Tattoo artists deserve it.

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