What is the process of UV tattooing?

A black light emits UV light that cannot be seen by the human eye.

During exposure to black light, UV tattoos contain a fluorescent substance that absorbs UV light and emits it at a wavelength visible to humans.

Under regular lighting, UV tattoos are invisible, but under UV light, they glow.

Can UV tattoos last for a long time?

Despite limited research, some anecdotal sources suggest UV tattoos last as long as regular tattoos.

ResearchTrusted Source suggests UV tattoos may last a lifetime, but this may depend on how much UV light is exposed to the tattoo.

People can opt for UV tattoo removal in the same way as regular tattoos, according to Tattoo Health. It is possible to remove tattoo ink from the skin using lasers, which break up the ink.

UV tattoo side effects and complications

It is possible to experience adverse side effects from UV tattoos that are greater than with regular tattoos. There may be skin irritation caused by them, such as:

burning sensation
Some UV inks may also contain carcinogenic compounds.

There are a number of side effects and complications associated with tattoos, including:

infections from contaminated equipment or ink, or unhygienic practices
severe infections may cause fever and chills and may require treatment with antibiotics
allergic reaction, which may persist due to the permanence of the ink
rash, redness, or bumps around the tattoo
scar tissue or keloids
reaction to MRI scans, which may result in swelling or a burning sensation, although this is rare and a temporary reaction


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