What Causes Tattoos to Bleed Ink?

After getting a tattoo, the first question that comes to mind is, “why is my tattoo bleeding ink?”. An exciting and fun tattoo gives you a sense of empowerment. However, you should prepare for unexplainable things that may happen during the healing process.

We understand that you are scared when your tattoo starts bleeding ink the next day. Don’t worry, we have all the information you need about tattoos bleeding ink here.

Why Is My Tattoo Bleeding Ink?

A few days after getting a tattoo, ink will leak out of the tattoo. Pain, scabbing, and bleeding are some of the aftereffects you may experience during the tattoo’s healing process. Ink bleeding under the skin can be caused by a number of reasons.

1. Extra ink packing

Your skin will be packed with extra ink by a professional tattoo artist. Your tattoo will fade after healing if the ink is not packed properly inside your skin. When healing begins, all the extra ink in the skin will start bleeding out.

2. Your immune system is rejecting foreign material

All foreign bodies, including tattoo ink, are removed from our system by our immune system. Due to this, immune cells will try to remove as much tattoo ink as possible, which is why tattoo ink is bleeding out of the outline.

3. Its plasma or blood and not the ink

Blood and plasma reach the top surface of the skin during tattoo healing. As a result, plasma and blood will ooze out of the skin and mix with ink, giving the appearance that the tattoo is leaking ink. You should not worry about it because it is a sign that your tattoo is healing.

Taking Steps To Prevent Tattoo Ink Bleeding

You cannot prevent bleeding, and it is very normal. However, there are some ways to heal your tattoo quickly so that bleeding will stop. You can surely benefit from these simple tricks.

1. Professional tattoo artists can give you a great tattoo

The most common mistake people make is getting their tattoos from inexperienced individuals because they are cheaper. It can cause bleeding, infections, scabbing, and other problems. Consult a professional tattoo artist if you want to prevent bleeding ink.

Depending on your skin type, they will advise you on what type of tattoo you can get. In order to achieve the best results, they will use proper techniques and sterilized instruments.

Are you interested in becoming a tattoo artist? For beginners, check out our tattooing guide.

2. Clean tattoo properly

It is important to clean your tattoo properly if you want to prevent ink bleeding.

  • Clean the tattoo with an alcohol swab.
  • You can use the swab to remove blood and ink from your tattoo by lightly dabbing it with it. Skin hardening will be prevented.
  • Your tattoo will bleed excessively if you rub it.
  • Wash the tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap afterwards.
3. Apply good tattooing moisturizer

Apply a good quality tattooing lotion or moisturizer after cleaning your tattoo. In addition to hydrating your skin, it will also keep it soft. By doing so, the healing process will be sped up and scarring will be prevented. Make sure you use a tattoo lotion that is certified.

4. Do not drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol a few days before and after getting a tattoo can cause excessive bleeding. You can experience more bleeding when you drink alcohol because it makes your blood think. As a result, you will benefit greatly from avoiding alcohol.

5. Sleep is a proper posture

Sleeping properly is essential for the part of the body where the tattoo is located. In addition to causing pain, applying pressure to your tattoo while you sleep will increase bleeding. Bedsheets can also be stained by bleeding ink.

  • Keep pillows around you while sleeping to maintain good posture.
  • Take the prescribed medication to reduce pain and bleeding.
  • Sleeping on light-colored or new bedsheets is not recommended.

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