Tattoos: How to Keep Them Looking Fresh

There is nothing more exciting than getting a new tattoo. Tattoo addicts can’t resist the crisp edges and vibrant colors of fresh ink. Tattoos fade over time, resulting in dull, washed-out appearances. This makes adding new details challenging if you plan to expand your art.

The worst part is that you may no longer be proud to show off a tattoo you once loved. You can take steps to preserve a tattoo and keep it looking good for years to come. Although it requires some advance planning and effort, the effort and time invested are well worth it.

As soon as you get your tattoo, you’re on a mission to keep it looking fresh for years to come. With proper aftercare, your tattoo will look its best and you will also reduce the risk of infection or other issues that could detract from the final appearance of your art.

You should keep in mind that your healing tattoo is essentially an open wound. Your tattoo artist will provide you with aftercare instructions. Follow them at all times. As a general rule, however, these guidelines should assist in ensuring a satisfactory healing process.

Keep It Clean

Use a gentle soap and lukewarm water to clean the area gently after removing the bandage covering your fresh tattoo (check with your artist when you can do this).

The area should not be scrubbed or rubbed. You are more likely to get scratches and scabs if you do this. Use your finger in a circular motion to clean the area after splashing some water on the ink instead of running it directly over it. A light towel should be used to dry the tattoo once it has been completed. It is better to pat it dry rather than rub it.


Keep your skin hydrated by using an unscented tattoo moisturizing lotion. Scent products can cause irritation due to their added chemicals. Further moisturizing will support the healing process and prevent additional flaking, scabbing, and dryness.

While healing, this stuff keeps your tattoo hydrated and soothes any annoying itching and irritation as well as keeping it hydrated. It will work towards eliminating any lingering dryness and scabbing when used from the very beginning of the healing process.

During the first few days and weeks after surgery, you will notice some scabbing and flaking. You don’t need to worry. As part of the healing process, this is completely normal. Nevertheless, you should not pick at any scabs. Healing is taking place beneath this tough protective covering. Scabs are exposed when picked, interrupting the healing process. Scarring is also possible as a result.

Avoid Friction

Itching and flaking can be intensified by friction on a new tattoo, as well as protective scabs being scratched off. Stick to loose, breathable fabrics instead of tight clothes. Also, you’ll have more convenience this way. While your skin is still inflamed from the tattoo process, harsh materials like denim will irritate it.

In summary

In spite of proper maintenance, your ink won’t look like it did right after it was done. You’ll have to invest in touch-ups eventually. Preventive measures, however, will extend the life of your tattoo, reducing the need for repairs in the future.

In the end, these maintenance tips don’t require a lot of time, effort, or money. Additionally, many of the steps you need to take to keep your tattoo looking good will also protect your skin. Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen, for instance, prevents sunburns, premature aging, and skin cancer.

In the guide above, you will find all the information you need to prevent your tattoo from prematurely fading. Before you take action, don’t wait until your tattoo is years old. Before getting inked, there is a first step to take.


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