Tattoo Machine Review: Cheyenne Sol Terra

Cheyenne Hawk, the popular tattoo manufacturer, has launched another entry into their lineup that is taking the tattoo scene by storm. Any ranking list today is guaranteed to include the Cheyenne Sol Terra.

It’s no secret that Sol Machines set new standards with their twin launches of Sol Luna and Sol Terra in 2019.

Two innovative gadgets from the manufacturer represent some of the quietest options on the market. They are also vibration-free and exhibit the signature high-end Cheyenne craftsmanship.

In terms of setups and technologies, both machines are identical, with the only difference being the length of their strokes. With a stroke length of 2.5mm, the Luna is an excellent choice for gray shading and blackwork, while the Terra has a stroke length of 4mm, making it a color packer.

It’s one of the best liners you’ll find anywhere, whether used alone or as part of the set.

With this set, you can choose from two different working styles with SensiDrive technology.

The HardDrive mode powers the machine at a consistent speed throughout the operation, ensuring a firm hit every time. Alternatively, you can use SensiDrive mode, which automatically adjusts the machine’s speed based on the resistance of the patch of skin you are tattooing.

Therefore, SensiDrive provides a relatively consistent hit whether you are tattooing soft areas like the palm or tougher ones like the elbows and knees. Consequently, this unique feature allows you to have a rotary machine that can also mimic the tactile feedback you often get from coil machines.

A brushless DC motor on the Cheyenne Sol Terra allows it to run at speeds as low as 25 hertz, allowing it to achieve enhanced precision with styles like color realism and dot work. When you want thicker, more intense lines, the engine also runs significantly higher.

The Cheyenne Sol series offers reliable, top-performing products. You can rest assured that each machine weighs only 3 ounces, so it will be easy to handle during tattooing sessions.

Additionally, you get a one-year warranty, which we doubt you will need given Cheyenne’s reputation for quality construction. Nevertheless, a warranty is always a welcome addition.

The key features

  • Featuring SensiDrive technology for simulated give
  • Brushless DC motor capable of low-frequency operation (as low as 25 hertz)
  • Stroke length of 4mm
  • Only 3 ounces in weight
  • A one-year warranty is provided

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