Tattoo Fix: How to Fix an over Moisturized One

Over-moisturized tattoos can be fixed, but they may take longer. In the first place, you should avoid moisturizing your tattoo too much. Now that you’ve done that, it’s time to take precautionary measures and take all of the tips into account that will help you to take care of your over-moisturized tattoo.

Tattoos can be over-moisturized?

Our skin gets inked like a wounded part of our body, and we need to take care of it. The tattoo and the skin will go bad if you do not take care of them. Sometimes, when taking care, you get overly cautious, and you make the situation even worse for yourself. Have you ever seen a tattoo that is overly moisturized?

When you apply too much moisturizer to your tattoo, this happens. You do not have to apply moisturizer every day, but don’t apply a thick layer every time. After getting the tattoo, even the tattoo artist will suggest you keep your skin moisturized because it might become dry and flaky. Apply a very thin layer of moisturizer to your tattoo to maintain its hydration level.

If you over-moisturize your tattoo, the skin will get worse, the ink will get worse, and you might get an infection. Scabbiness will be noticeable around the tattooed area. When you over-moisturize your tattoo, you will experience this symptom. You must be careful with the amount of moisturizer you apply to your fresh tattoo.

Tattoo Over-Moisturization Risks

You might face the following risks if you overmoisturize your tattoo:

Infections and inflammations

If the skin is over-moisturized, the pores will get clogged. You won’t be able to breathe, and if you can’t breathe, your skin’s condition will rapidly worsen. Your skin will likely become infected. The moisturizer will seep into your skin and reduce inflammation.

In a newly-inked tattoo, moisturizing your skin is the best way to keep it hydrated, but the risk of redness, swelling, and itching is usually high.

Ruins the ink

After getting your tattoo, you applied too much moisturizer. You seem to be trying to downplay the tattoo’s beauty, don’t you? If you moisturize your tattoo too much, it will affect the ink. If you get your tattoo smudged, there is no going back once the ink is destroyed.

Breakouts on the skin

Whenever your skin gets extra moisturized, you keep rubbing and scratching it, resulting in breakouts. There will be breakouts of skin, and they are one of the worst risks because they are so painful.

Overmoisturized Tattoo Signs

Listed below are a few signs that can help you determine whether your tattooed skin is overly moisturized:

Tattoo Doesn’t Heal

The tattoo hasn’t healed after a week, but why? Despite moisturizing the tattoo four to five times a day and taking care of it, the tattoo just looks more wounded. Perhaps you are moisturizing it too much. Over-moisturizing your tattoo makes it worse instead of healing.

You have red and itchy skin

Even if you apply moisturizer, if your skin becomes red and itchy, you have applied too much moisturizer. Having an overly moisturized tattoo will result in redness and itchiness.

When moisturizer gets stuck between the pores of your newly inked skin due to improper absorption, it causes itchiness and excessive redness. There is also a possibility that your skin will swell a little bit.

Skin with scabs

Scabby skin around your tattoo is another sign of overly moisturized skin. You will get scabby skin if you apply too much moisturizer to your tattoo.

Overmoisturized Tattoo: How Can It Be Fixed?

If you follow the steps we are going to discuss now, you can fix an overmoisturized tattoo:

Don’t moisturize your tattoo

The first thing you need to do is stop moisturizing your tattoo. It is already overly moisturized, which is why it isn’t healing. Stop moisturizing your tattoo as soon as possible if you want to fix it. Moisturizing will not heal the tattoo if you keep applying it.

Let It Dry For 15-30 Minutes

Wait for about 15-30 minutes after showering before letting your tattoo dry under a fan. You shouldn’t touch your tattoo, and if the skin doesn’t feel dry, you shouldn’t apply moisturizer.

After applying the moisturizer, if you think you applied too much, let it dry for 30-45 minutes under the fan before applying another coat. Don’t get your tattoo too wet because the water droplets and moisturizer clog the pores.

Soft Dry Towel To Remove Over Moisturizer Tattoos

A soft dry towel can be used to dab your tattoo. Dabbing the tattoo with a towel will help it dry. In addition to moisturizing your tattoo, the towel will also soak it up. You can dab very gently and slowly under the fan while drying your tattoo.


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