Review Of The Spektra Xion Tattoo Machine

Stateside tattoo artists often look first to FK Iron, the brand behind the Spektra Xion, when shopping for tattoo equipment.

Since 2007, FK Iron has been making top-notch tattoo machines from their Miami base, cementing its position as one of the nation’s leading manufacturers. One of their best-selling products, the Spectra Xion, remains a favorite of tattoo artists across the country.

For FK Iron products, quality construction has always been a key selling point, and the Xion is no different. This high-end pen was created with input from some of the world’s top tattoo artists to ensure that it can withstand long sessions while delivering high-end performance every time.

Featuring a specially-designed 6-Watt MotorBolt, the Spektra Xion provides and holds maximum torque, even during extended tattooing sessions, and ensures that your cartridges are always performing at their best.

A sturdy shell covers the unit on the outside. It comes with an aircraft-grade aluminum casing that maximizes durability and prevents overheating. Using aluminum makes the device easy to clean and less hefty, weighing only 5.36 ounces.

This is important:

With a weight of 5.36 ounces, the Spektra Xion is heavier than most other similarly-sized tattoo rotary pen machines, which could cause fatigue. If you opt for this option, ensure that you can handle a bit more heft than is typical.

A strong suit of the Xion is its versatility. 3.2mm and 3.7mm interchangeable stroke wheels allow you to customize stroke length to suit your needs and make the machine suitable for many tattoo styles right out of the box.

Furthermore, you can adjust the needle depth and give on the machine to fully control the device during use. Its compatibility with off-brand needles and (matching voltage) power supplies makes it the ideal all-purpose tattoo pen.

Aside from its excellent features, you can also take full advantage of the Spektra Xion’s exceptional maneuverability.

By creating a form factor that sits perfectly in your hand, the Xion provides a balanced feel and maximum flexibility for hand movements while minimizing fatigue during extended sessions.

Would you like even more grip? The Spektra Xion Gorilla pen has an even larger 40mm grip, bringing even better ergonomics to the already comfortable device.

FK Iron Spektra Xion is also backed by a 1-year warranty, completing a hard-to-resist package.

The key features of this product

  • A 6-Watt MotorBolt that provides optimal torque for tattooing
  • An aircraft-grade aluminum shell that is lightweight and durable
  • 3.2mm and 3.7mm interchangeable stroke wheels for enhanced versatility
  • The ergonomic grip comes with an option of 40mm
  • Warranty period of one year

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