Review of BRONC Rotary Cartridge Tattoo Gun Kit Pen

The invention of the pen-style tattoo machine was a significant innovation in tattoo artistry. BRONC Rotary Cartridge Tattoo Machine Gun Kit Pen is an excellent example of this technology.

Simple and lightweight construction

With a weight of only 154g (5.43oz), this tattoo gun is extremely portable. With this tattoo gun, you don’t need an extensive set up. Despite its simplicity, it makes it easy for the user to work without being overwhelmed by too many options.

Accessories Included

Its best feature is that it comes with all the accessories it needs to function. Neither cords nor lubricants need to be purchased separately. 4 cartridge needles, a bag of rubber rings, a tattoo pen, an RCA cord, and a pen tray are included in the package. Buying these products separately costs a lot, but buying them together is a great deal.

Swiss motors are reliable

This tattoo machine is ultra-quiet but has a powerful motor, like most tattoo machines. The reason for this is that it is powered by a Swiss motor.


  • The starting voltage is low when there is no load
  • All accessories are included, so you don’t have to purchase anything
  • Quiets down
  • It is available in a variety of colors
  • A range of strokes can be adjusted


  • Despite its real weight of 5.4 ounces, it ships at 14.9 ounces
  • Traditional tattoo machines might not work with this device

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