Is it possible for tattoos to change after weight loss and body changes?

Throughout your lifetime, you will experience changes in your body and fluctuate in weight. Tattoos can be altered by these physical changes, but the effects are not as noticeable as you might think. Check out the info below to learn how pregnancy, exercise, and not exercising could affect your body ink. You’ll also learn how it shouldn’t prevent you from living your best, truest life.

Tattoos and Weight Loss

The size and placement of your tattoos will change the most when you lose weight. When you lose a significant amount of weight, your tattoo on the side of your thigh may not be in the same location. Instead of staying on the side of the thigh, it may move forward or backward.

Additionally, tattoos that previously covered a small area of your thigh may appear to cover more now that your thighs are smaller. In addition, smaller tattoos can also lose detail as the skin changes, which is a stretched skin.

Tattoos and Weight Gain

Weight loss or weight gain will only make a noticeable difference in tattoo design. The tattoo is not affected by weight changes unless you gain or lose 100 pounds. Stretch marks are caused by dramatic weight gain, which can affect your tattoo.

Weight gain affects tattoo placement and size similarly to weight loss. Due to the rate at which the skin expands, tattoos placed directly on the midsection of the body can easily change during pregnancy. Depending on each individual’s design and location, stretch marks can alter existing tattoo designs. It can be difficult to work with this skin texture, so if you decide to retouch the area later, seek out a tattoo artist who specializes in that area. When you exercise and work your muscles, your tattoo shouldn’t be affected at all, but if you lift weights, significant muscle growth may affect the tattoo’s shape. Tattoos that are more closely related to muscles have fewer chances of changing. Before getting your tattoo (perhaps you are planning a lifestyle change), discuss this with your tattoo artist.


Depending on the drasticness of the weight change, tattoos may be slightly affected by losing or gaining weight. It won’t matter if you lose or gain a few pounds, but if you go from 450 to 150 or vice versa, the tattoo design may be distorted. If you’re considering a tattoo, consider the information above (just don’t let it stop you from getting the art you want). Instead, use the above knowledge to help you choose a design that will age beautifully and seamlessly.

When you notice a change in your tattoo artwork due to weight loss or weight gain for any reason, visit your tattoo artist for retouching and seek their professional advice. Your original art may even need to be redesigned to reflect this stage of your life. It is ultimately up to you to decide whether you want to embrace or groom your changing body art.


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