Fk Irons Spektra Direkt 2 Review: Best Overall

The Inkspiration Tattoo Machine is a machine that has made its way to the top of a number of lists for the best tattoo machines for beginners and professionals, and with good reason.

Firstly, it is a rotary tattoo gun, which means it is fully capable of shading and lining, which makes it a great option for a novice tattooist who is just getting started. It’s important to keep in mind that the torque and speed provided by this 4.5-watt motor can actually be adjusted from as low as 4 watts, all the way up to 9.5 watts in order to meet the needs of a variety of artists.

In addition to being made in the USA, the Direkt 2 is made from aircraft-grade aluminum that has been anodized, ensuring durability; and on top of all that, it comes with a one year warranty. Aside from its hygienic practices, the Direkt requires virtually no maintenance, thanks to the closed system of the motor which means that even lubrication is not required on a regular basis.

All of the standard needle and cartridge arrangements can be used with this machine and it can work with a variety of different setups as well as all of the standard needles and cartridges. This simple machine was designed to be as versatile as possible, and with its interchangeable stroke caps, it can be used not only for coloring, but also for shading and line work as well.

Even the newest of tattoo artists will not have to worry about wrist and hand fatigue associated with tattooing due to the lightweight weight (the Direkt weighs just 2.85 ounces) and ergonomic grip of the Direkt.

For both beginners and professionals, Spektra Direkt 2 is one of the best machines available on the market today. Only drawback of this piece is the fact that it is not a kit, which means that you will need to purchase all the other gear associated with tattooing separately in order to use it.

It is true that the Direkt 2 is the most expensive machine on our list, but it is also a very high quality, versatile machine that can be used by an artist for a long time after they have grown out of the “beginner phase”.

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