Can tattoos be removed safely from dark skin?

It is safe to remove tattoos from dark skin
People of color can safely remove tattoos. The process is not without challenges, however. A person’s melanin levels are measured using the Fitzpatrick scale by Removery and most other reputable laser companies.

Melanin in the skin allows heat to absorb and spread more quickly through the surface.

On a hot, sunny summer day, wearing a dark shirt feels much heavier and much hotter than wearing something light.

In the same way, melanin absorbs a lot of energy from the laser, resulting in discoloration of the skin.

A different laser tattoo removal protocol is required for clients with dark skin than those with lighter skin.

Experience matters when it comes to tattoo removal

Our laser technology is continuously improved and developed when it comes to treating darker skin types.

Over 250k successful tattoo removal sessions have been conducted in all skin types, giving us unprecedented insight into tattoo removal on darker skin types.

Doctors and tattoo removal clinics with inexperience are likely to use the laser on too high a setting or for too long when treating dark skin, causing unnecessary pain and complications.

The skin may heal slowly, become infected, or develop painful blisters when overworked with a laser. Furthermore, hyperpigmentation or hyperpigmentation is likely to occur.


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